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Match Archives

MATCH RESULTS June 2013 back to 2010

Wednesday 12th June
Open - Penny's
Strong winds made presentation difficult, but in form Steve Shaw makes no mistakes when he draws well - particularly when it's also a Gold peg. He fished his favoured 8mm pellet to take a big net of small carp. Howard Green fell  just 1lb short opposite Steve with a similar bag on paste.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  P5   124-8-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  P35  123-8-0
3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale)  P11   67-8-0
4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy)  P32  64-8-0
5th Graham Davies (Merthyr)  P29  58-12-0
6th= Alan Davies (Cardff Nomads) P18  54-8-0
6th= Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  P38  54-8-0
Wednesday 5th June
Open - Sophie's
Spawning fish in the margins made life diificult for many, but Frank Davies made the most of the wind blowing into peg 19 to post a clear win. Alan Davies kept up his excellent form holding off Mike Yandle to take 2nd.
1st Frank Davies (Sirhowy)  S19   126-0-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)   S5   84-12-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar)   S3   81-12-0
4th Richie Watkins (Sirhowy)   S16  67-8-0
5th Tony Worgan (Sirhowy)  S15   54-8-0
6th=Brian King (Ebbw Vale)  S8  51-0-0
6th=James Thomas S12   51-0-0

Sunday 2nd June
In one of the fairest matches for some time, Steve Shaw took his fourth win in a row since coming out of hospital. Steve took all carp for the only ton of the match. There were some big weights of silvers, with 2nd placed Mike Williams carding an incredible 61lbs of all small roach and rudd - topped up with 35lbs of carp!
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) P10 112-8-0
2nd Mike Williams (Thatchers) P23 96-8-0 
3rd Joel Worgan (Sirhowy) P34  94-0-0
4th Keith Grande (Sirhowy)  P21  93-0-0

Saturday 1st June
Iffers Match Group

The Iffers group had an incredible match on Sophie's, recording what must be one of the highest avearge weight per angler ever.
Andy Prosser lead the way from peg 16 with the first double ton of the year.
1st Andy Prosser (Iffers) S16 233-0
2nd Craig Cox (Iffers) S10  188-4
3rd Richie Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon league) S12 173-8
4th Sam Prosser (Iffers)  S8 172-0
5th Wayne Meek (Iffers) S6 139-6
6th Jamie Smith (Iffers) S14 130-12

Wednesday 29th May
Open - Penny's
Steve Shaw doesn't make mistakes when he draws a good peg and this week was no exception taking carp steadily throughout on pellet. Travelling partner Alan Davis, is in great form, finishing 2nd 15lbs behind. Section winner in the high numbers was Tony Summers.
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) P6   99-14-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) P4   83-8-0
3rd Luke Nixon (Cardiff) P10  71-2-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  P23   69-8-0
5th Brian King (Ebbw Vale)  P18   62-14-0
6th Graham Davies (Merthyr)  P34  52-8-0

Sunday 26th May
Open - Penny's
Bob Giles kept up his winning run at Red Hill with a commanding performance from hot peg 6.
1st Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers) P6 113-12-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) P18  105-14-0
3rd Tip (Sirhowy) P38  88-4-0
4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy) P32 74-12-0

Wednesday 22nd May
Open - Sophie's
It was a strange day with fish staying well away from the margins and both winner Bob Giles and runner-up Tony Summers took the majority of their carp shallow at 16 metres. Third placed Brian King bucked the trend catching closer in on peg 18.
1st Bob Giles (Browning W.Wales)  S5   125-8-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  S12  117-12-0
3rd Brian King (Ebbw Vale)  S18   106-0-0
4th John Hannan (Cwmcelin)  S2   82-0-0
5th Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S10  78-0-0
6th Pete Gosling (Sirhowy)  S19   64-0-0 

Wednesday 15th May
Open -  Penny's
Heavy overnight rain and gusting winds made fishing difficult. Ian Sutton took full advantage of an end peg catching carp at 7 metres and down the edge. His winnings were boosted by £100 as he was sat on the gold peg! Just 4lbs behind was Brian King who caught long at full depth. Top on the opposite bank was Tony Summers.
1st Ian Sutton (Iffers)  P12   97-12-0
2nd Brian King (Ebbw Vale)  P5   93-4-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  P32   64-6-0
4th John Hannan (Cwmcelin)  P34    46-8-0
5th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  P2   42-0-0
6th Tony Hilditch (Blackwood)  P35   37-4-0
Wednesday 8th May
Open - Sophie's
Chris Shepherd made a rare visit and found peg 19 full of fish and promptly emptied it! He took small carp throughout the day to finish 10lbs clear of Howard Green on the dam wall.
1st Chris Shepherd (Cwmbran Nobblers) S19    177-0-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S9   167-14-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S18    129-12-0
4th Brian King (Ebbw Vale) S11   129-6-0
5th Tony Hilditch (Blackwood) S2    112-12-0
6th Graham Davies (Merthyr) S14    89-8-0

Monday 6th May
Open - Tilly's
1st Brian King (Ebbw Vale) T2    99-2-0
2nd Courtney   T21    93-14-0
3rd Frank Davies (Sirhowy) T18   58-8-0
4th Neil Dibble (Cwmbran Nobblers) T8    54-14-0 

Sunday 5th May
Sirhowy - Penny's
Bob Giles put in a masterly display of shallow pole fishing to finish a clear winner. Opposite, Mark Jones fished mainly pellet waggler for runner-up.
1st Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers)  P3    184-12-0
2nd Mark Jones (Tredegar Angling Centre) P36    127-4-0
3rd Ian Exall (Browning WW) P35    124-4-0
4th Andrew Mann (Browning WW) P6   120-0-0
5th Mike Williams (Thatchers) P8    110-8-0
6th Luke Sorokin (Browning WW) P39    103-8-0

Wednesday 1st May
May Day brought some nice weather but there was a familiar face at the top of the leader board with in-form Alan Davies fishing pellet shallow from peg 35 to just hold off a late surge from Ian Sutton, who caught closer in on corn. Alan's weight would have been higher, but for a string of lost fish.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  P35    132-8-0
2nd Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffers) P37   122-4-0
3rd= Andrew Mann (Browning WW) P18    100-4-0
3rd= Mike Yandle (Tredegar) P6    100-4-0
5th= Duane Boyall (Blackwood) P10   96-8-0 
5th=Graham Davies (Merthyr)  P8   96-8-0

Wednesday 24th April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
It was a case of Sophie's or bust as the top 9 were all on that pool. Leading the way was Miracle baits backed, Norman Sterry with a season best of 174lbs from peg 5. Alan Davies was unable to make it four in a row, taking second from peg 16. The top 7 anglers all caught ton +.
1st Norman Sterry (Miracle Baits)   S5    174-0-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) S16 156-8-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) S18 143-8-0
4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy) S2 143-0-0
5th Graham Davies (Merthyr) S14 133-8-0
6th Rob Dyer (Sirhowy) S10 128-0-0

Sunday 21st April
Forest Teams of Four
1stRichard HoskinsWye Angling143-0S14
2ndWayne MeekIffers Gold138-4S16
3rdMike MouldThe Rebels97-10P5
4thAndy ReidIffers Rngrs95-6S6
5thRich HardingThe Rebels79-0S2
6thDen SherwoodWye Angling74-13P18
1st Molly's Ian SuttonWye Angling68-10M13

Wed 17th April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Mike Yandle dominated the match with a corn caught 172 lbs from down the edge on Sophie's peg 14 leaving the others in his wake. Top on Molly's was Speedy who did well in the face of the strong wind taking small carp all day on pellet.
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar) S14    172-0-0
2nd James Barnett (Risca)  S10   123-8-0
3rd Andrew Mann (Cwmbran Nobblers)  S19   118-4-0
4th Tony Worgan (Sirhowy)  S5   102-8-0

1st Speedy (Legendary Angling)  M10   124-8-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M2  77-0-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  M15   71-12-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  M17  63-0-0
Wed 10th April
Open - Sophie's
Alan Davies made it three on the bounce just easing out Gold peg man Rob Dyer.  for another fine win. Alan took fish steadily from peg 18 on long pole and hard pellet. Rob fished a variety of lines to keep fish coming on peg 16.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  S18   71-0-0
2nd Rob Dyer (Sirhowy)  S16   68-10-0
3rd Frank Davies (Sirhowy)  S4  63-13-8
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S10  63-9-0
5th Speedy (Legendary Angling) S8  60-3-0
6th Dave Nelson (Iffers)  S2  40-1-0

Sun 7th April
Sirhowy - Simon Jones Memorial
A big turn-out made for tight pegging but the lakes fished well. Andrew Mann on Sophie's peg 3 caught steadily throughout to finish 7lbs clear of runner-up, Mark Jones on peg S10. Sophie's pool dominated against the recent trend.
1st Andrew Mann (Browning West Wales)  S3  81-8-0
2nd Mark Jones (Tredegar Angling Centre)  S10   74-0-0
3rd Rob Jones (Browning West Wales)  S14  68-4-0
4th Rob Dyer (Sirhowy)  S4   66-8-0
5th Tony Summers (Sirhowy/Wye Angling)  S18   60-8-0
6th  Keith Grande (Sirhowy)   M17   55-12-0
7th= Frank Davies (Sirhowy)  M8   54-0-0
7th= Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy)  M15  54-0-0

Wed 3rd April
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Strong winds made presentation a problem, but Alan Davies managed to hang on to his pole on Sophie's peg 15 to make it two in a row. Alan fished pellet taking fish steadily throughout. Tony Summers was top on Molly's and 2nd overall just 2.5lbs behind on peg 2.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  S15  85-0-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  M2   82-8-0
3rd  Rob Dyer (Sirhowy)  M12   64-4-0
4th Cellan Wilkins (Team Wales) M16 52-8-0
5th= Mike Yandle (Tredegar) M5 41-4-0
5th= Tony Hilditch (Blackwood) S2 41-4-0

Sun 31st March
Iffers match - Penny's
After finding a creative method for ice-breaking, Andy Prosser almost overhauled winner Ian "Bart" Sutton - but not quite! Both had tons on a difficut day.
1st Ian Sutton  P5   109-8-0
2nd Andy Prosser P34  107-6-0

Wed 20th March
Open - Sophie's
Another cold day saw Alan Davies put in an assured performance to take the honours. Alan fished pellet on peg 14 to finish 11lbs clear of Howard Green on peg 2.
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)   S14   85-4-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)   S2   74-0-0
3rd Paul Roberts   S16    61-8-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers)   S12   60-8-0
5th  Brian King (Merthyr)   S4   56-0-0
6th Tony Hilditch   S19   53-0-0
Wed 13th March
Open - Molly's
A cruel, cold wind after several overnight frosts made fish and bites a bonus. Tony Summers was runaway winner on peg 4 catching carp steadily to leave him 20lbs clear of second placed Mike Yandle.
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  M4   37-8-0
2nd Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  M21   16-0-0
3rd Speedy (Legendary Angling) M2  13-0-0
4th Frank Davies (Sirhowy)  M8   12-10-0
5th Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  M16   8-8-0
6th Ian Sutton (Iffers)  M11  4-8-0

Sun 10th March
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M20  74-0-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) M4 65-0-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) S 3 64-0-0

Wed 6th March
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
Four tons spread across both lakes was an excellent return with anglers facing a cruel easterly wind. Speedy finished well clear on Sophie's peg 3 with a super bag on pelllet. The next two were on Molly's with Tony Summers just edging out Mike Yandle. Both fished corn over pellet. Molly's provided four of the top six places.
1st Speedy (Legendary Angling)  S3  123-0-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) M20  105-12-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  M15   104-6-0
4th James Barnett (Risca) S 16 102-12-0
5th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M17   78-12-0
6th Ian Sutton (Iffers) M2  77-12-0

Wed 27th Feb
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
James Barnett has been in blistering form of late and seems to have an edge! This week he lead the way from Molly's peg 2 catching small fish long topped up with some bigger fish closer in late on. Speedy took top honours on Sophie's from the middle of the dam wall.
1st James Barnett (Risca) M2   68-0-0
2nd Speedy (Legendary) S11   67-0-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S16  63-0-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers) S5   62-0-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) S3   58-0-0
6th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) M14   52-0-0

Wed 20th Feb
Open - Sophie's
After a lengthy break, "hostilities" resumed with Howard Green leading the way from peg 16. Alan Davies took runner-up spot from the middle of the dam wall. All the top weights were to long pole and corn/pellet.
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S16   97-2-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) S10   60-0-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S5   58-12-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S14  48-0-0

Wed 9th January
Open - Sophie's
A big drop in overnight temperature and bright, still conditions made the going tough - James Barnett apart, who made it two on the bounce, this time from peg 5. It was a case of Cafe bank or bust with newcomer Richie Thompson taking runner-up from peg 2, and Graham Davies third on peg 4.
1st James Barnett (Risca) peg S5   79-8-0
2nd Richie Thompson (Docklow) peg S2   48-4-0
3rd Graham Davies (Merthyr) peg S4   44-14-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S8   39-12-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  peg S10  38-12-0
6th Neil Dibble (Cwmbran Nobblers) peg S16   32-0-0

Wed 2nd January
Open - Sophie's

James Barnett did well to win in the first match of 2013 with a steady run of carp from peg 8. All his fish came to pellet, the same as runner-up, Alan Davies. Despite being sandwiched between the two front runners, Graham Davies did well to claim third spot.
1st James Barnett (Risca) peg S8   76-15-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S4   59-12-0
Graham Davies (Merthyr)  peg S5   49-0-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers) peg S2  47-4-0
5th= Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  peg S10  44-8-0
5th= Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S12 44-8-0

Sunday 18th December 2011
Sirhowy Christmas Fayre
1st Keith Wilcox (Cardiff) peg P5    51-3-0
2nd Chris Hall (Swansea)    47-7-0
3rd Alan Davies (Trealaw) peg S2    43-0-0
4th Keith Grande (Tredegar) peg P7    39-0-0

Wednesday 7th December
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S4  58-2-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg S12 47-6-0
3rd Ian Sutton (Springfield) peg M9 46-0-0 
4th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S9 44-2-0

Wednesday 30th Nov
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) peg S4 98-4-0 
2nd Chris Shepherd (Team Torrdu) peg S6 80-4-0
3rd Wayne peg S9 74-8-0
4th James Barnett (Risca) M14 59-8-0

Wednesday 23rd Nov
Open - Penny's
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P9 67-4-0
2nd Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) peg P30 62-2-0
3rd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg P34 40-0-0
4th Luke Nixon (Bad Hat Day) peg P11 34-0-0

Wednesday 16th Nov
Open - Sophie's
1st James Barnett (Risca)   peg S2   67-0-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)   peg S16   62-10-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Codeine)  peg S19  59-2-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S14   57-12-0
5th Howard Green (Gren's Fishing Tackle) peg S4  53-8-0

Wednesday 9th Nov
Open - Molly's
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  M17  103-8-0
2nd Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy) M2   73-8-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) M19  68-0-0
4th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) M15 59-0-0

Sunday 6th Nov
Sirhowy - Penny's Lake
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg P12 96-6-0
2nd Simon Jones (Rhymney) 70-8-0
 3rd Luke Sorokin (Swansea) 51-5-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) 48-0-0.

Wednesday 2nd Nov
The 2011 King of Tons Final
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S12  114-0-0
2nd Chris Shepherd   S14  103-4-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M21 96-0-0
4th Dai Crandon  M2  88-8-0
5th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) M13 79-0-0
6th Luke Sorokin (Sirhowy) M17 78-8-0

Wednesday 26th Oct - Open
1st Howard Green(Green Fishing Tackle) peg S9  107-7-0
2nd Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S4  90-6-0
3rd Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy)  peg S19 80-4-0
4th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) peg S6 78-11-0

Welsh Veterans National
Penny's Lake - Saturday 22nd October
1st Tony Summers (Cardiff Nomads) P31 91-8-0
2nd Peter Meese (Glamorgan Anglers) P37 72-7-0
3rd John Taylor (Glamorgan Anglers) P7 67-10-0
4th Brian Prothero (Sirhowy) 61-4-0 P9

Sunday 23rd October
Sirhowy - Penny's
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) P33 133-4-0
2nd Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) P29 104-8-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling P31 98-10-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) P 6 80-0-0

Wednesday 19th October
Open - Molly's & Sophie's
1st Chris Shepherd  peg S16    149-12-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  peg M20  143-12-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  M16  134-0-0
4th Andrew Mumford (King Edward's)  S14   123-0-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  S10  114-7-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine)  M9   95-8-0

Wednesday 12th October
Open - Penny's
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  peg P36   136-0-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  peg P 39  106-6-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Codeine)  peg P11  86-2-0
4th Ian Sutton (Iffers)  peg P5  85-4-0
5th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg  P33  84-0-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  peg P8  81-2-0

Sunday 9th October
Sirhowy - Sophie's & Molly's
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S2  181-1-0
2nd Phil Weaver     M2   162-6-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)     S16      142-8-0
4th Simon Jones (Sirhowy)   M5   135-4-0
5th Rob Jones (Neath)   M9   106-4-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  M17  104-8-0 

Wednesday 5th October
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu) peg S19     182-1-0
2nd Andrew Mumford (Tredegar) peg S4  162-2-0
3rd Alan Davis (Cardiff Nomads)  peg S6  129-8-0
4th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) peg S2 94-0-0
5th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) peg S12 86-0-0
6th Duane Boyall (Oakdale) peg S8 64-6-0

Saturday 1st October

1st  Bob Giles (Cwmbran Nobblers Blue)  peg S2 138-10-0 (A Section winner)

2nd Tony Summers (Cardiff Nomads)  peg  M19   107-6-0 (D Section winner)
3rd  Adam Mitchell (Sirhowy)    peg S12    104-2-0
4th  Neil Morgan (Cefn Fforest A )   peg S19   104-0-0
5th  Rob Wiltshire(Cwmbran Nobblers Blue) peg M12     97-12-0
6th Richard Baldwin (Cefn Fforest “B”)  peg T8 90-4-0 (E Sect) 

1st  Cwmbran Nobblers Blue  16pts
2nd Cefn Fforest A                  18pts
3rd Sirhowy A                         21pts
Cardiff Nomads                 23pts
Wednesday 28th Sept
Open - Penny's
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  P29  117-12-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  P35  105-8-0
3rd Dennis O'Leary (Ebbw Vale)  P9   96-12-0
4th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine)  P16  83-0-0
5th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  P1  81-2-0
6th Phil Rawlings (Cardiff Nomads)  P 13  73-0-0

Wednesday 7th Sept
1st Howard Green peg S16  198-4-0
2nd Steve Shaw peg S 11 189-8-0
3rd Alan Davies  peg S14  166-14-0
4th Phil Rawlings peg S19  129-0-0
5th Tony Summers  peg S4  127-0-0
6th Brian Prothero peg M 5 122-0-0 
Wednesday 31st August
Open match - Penny's
1st Tony Summers (Wye Angling)     peg P32       144-8-0
2nd Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest)    peg P1     138-0-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)   peg P23       129-0-0
4th Gavin Jones      peg P4     123-8-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)   peg P19    117-8-0
6th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)   peg P16   106-8-0

Wednesday 24th August
Open Match - Molly's & Sophie's
1st Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest)     peg S16      201-0-0
2nd Mark Guerra (Cefn Fforest)    peg S14    195-0-0
3rd Luke Richards     peg S2      145-8-0
4th Phil Rawlings (Sirhowy)      peg S19      140-8-0

1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)   peg M2   174-4-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  peg M5    149-0-0
Wednesday 17th August
Open Match - Penny's
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)   peg 7     131-0-0
2nd Rob Jones (Green's Fishing Tackle)   peg 5   127-8-0
3rd Ian Exall (Exall Electrics) peg 18  124-8-0
4th & sect Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) peg 33   88-8-0
5th & sect Lyn Jones (Cefn Fforest) peg 11   88-0-0
6th Steve Shaw (Marukyu)   peg 27  86-4-0

Wednesday 10th August
Open Match - Sophie's & Molly's
1st overall Steve Shaw (Marukyu)    M2     272-0-0
2nd Ian Exall     M15      210-0-0
3rd  Adam Mitchell  M8   166-0-0
4th Lyn Jones (Cefn Forrest)   M11  164-0-0
5th Alan Davies(Cardiff Nomads)  M17  155-8-0

1st (2nd o'all)  Mike Yandle(Tredegar)   S9  230-2-0
2nd Grant Morris S19    157-0-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)    S11   150-8-0
4th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  S2   120-8-0
5th Speedy(Legendary Angling)  S14  111-0-0

Wednesday 3rd August
Open match - Penny's
1st Tony "Jockey" Hilditch (Cefn Forest)   peg 5     133-4-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)    peg 13      127-4-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)    peg 7    112-4-0
4th BC Prothero (Team Codeine)   peg 1   108-10-0
5th Lyn Jones (Cefn Forest)  peg 16     108-6-0
6th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  peg 26   93-10-0

Wednesday 27th July
Open match - Penny's
1st Luke Sorokin (Neath)    peg 37     (new lake record) 202-10-0
2nd Howard Green (Greens Fishing Tackle) peg 23       166-8-0
3rd (&sect) Rob Jones (Neath)      peg 35      159-4-0
4th (& sect) Richie Hoskins (Daiwa GL)  peg 19   150-4-0
5th Lyn Jones (Cefn Forrest)  peg 13  148-8-0
6th Ian "Bart" Sutton (Iffers)  peg 10  122-8-0

Sunday 24th July
Sirhowy match on Penny's
1st Luke Sorokin (Neath)    peg 1    131-12-0
2nd Simon Jones (Rhymney)  peg 23 128-0-0
3rd Rob Jones (Neath) peg 37  116-0-0
4th Chris "Tip" Byard (Hereford) peg 35 114-8-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  peg 19  96-0-0

Wednesday 20th July  
1st MIKE YANDLE (Tredegar)    S10     321-0-0    NEW RECORD
2nd Rich Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League)  S16   237-0-0
3rd Lyn Jones (Cefn Forrest)  S14  219-4-0
4th Shaun McCarthy  M10   212-12-0
5th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  M5 208-12-0
6th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  M20  174-8-0

Wednesday 13th - Open Penny's
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  P14  111-12-0
2nd Rob Jones (Swansea)  P11  107-10-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  P2 99-8-0
4th Richie Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League)  P35  86-8-0
5th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine)  P5  83-0-0
6th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  P18 69-10-0
Wednesday 6th July - Open
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  M2   234-8-0
 2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S9  216-14-0
3rd Simon Jones (Sirhowy) S19  160-4-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  M10 155-8-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S14 130-8-0
6th Tony Worgan  M19  127-0-0

Wednesday 29th June - Open
1st Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)    S11    233-0-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)    S2     216-4-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M15 214-8-0
4th Mike Yandle (Tredegar) S6 159-8-0
5th Rob Jones  M2 153-8-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) M19 133-4-0

Wednesday 22nd June - Open
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S12 186-8-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  S19  175-4-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) S2  152-0-0
4th Andrew Mumford S9  127-8-0
5th Brian Protheroe (Team Codeine) S18 102-0-0
6th Shaun McCarthy S16   101-12-0

Wednesday 15th June - Open
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)   S14    165-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marulyu)    S4   160-0-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)    S6   145-4-0
4th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)    S16    139-7-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)   S2    113-0-0
6th James Barnett (Risca)   S19    112-12-0

Wednesday 8th June - Open
1st (& overall) Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) M20    138-0-0
2nd Chris "Shep" Shepherd  M11   114-4-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) M8  112-12-0
4th Andy Prosser (Iffers)  M15  105-8-0

1st (2nd o'all) Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S12  137-4-0
2nd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S19  114-8-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  S5  100-8-0
4th Grant Morris S16   84-8-0

Wednesday 1st June - Open
Results : 
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)  M11   185-14-0 
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  M15   156-14-0
3rd Speedy (The Machine) M17   120-6-0

1st Chris "Shep" Shepherd  S12       142-8-0
2nd Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S9      126-14-0
3rd Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S16    105-1-0

Wednesday 25th May - Open
1st Chris Shepherd      peg M10        180-10-0
2nd Steve Shaw   (Marukyu)    peg S18  172-10-0
3rd  Alan Davies    (Cardiff Nomads)  164-8-0
4th Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)    peg M2    117-6-0
5th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)    peg S14     95-4-0
6th Tony "the Jockey" Hilditch    peg S19     83-0-0   

Wednesday 18th May Open - Sophies
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu)    S14    225-8-0
2nd Lyn Jones (Cefn Hengoed) S12   167-14-0
3rd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  S10  154-8-0
4th Howard Green (Green's Tackle) S19 142-4-0
5th Adam "Mansell" Jones (WVM) S18 124-8-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S16 116-0-0 

11th May
Open - Sophie's
1st Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) S19  125-12-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads) S8  116-0-0
3rd Steve Shaw (Marukyu) S14 115-12-0
4th= Mike Yandle S5 & Shawn McCarthy S16  95-12-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling) S12  93-4-0 

4th May
Open - Molly's
1st Richie Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League) M17 178-12-0
2nd & Section  Mike Yandle (Tredegar) M13  127-4-0
3rd Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) M16 124-8-0
4th Andrew Mumford (Truckers) M19  117-0-0
5th & Section Tony Summers (Wye Angling) M5  98-4-0

Friday 29th April
ROYAL OPEN MATCH on Sophie's, Molly's and Penny's
1st overall   Phil "Pip" Jones             S18       137-8-0
2nd (Lake winner) Andrew Crocker  M2       136-0-0
3rd Paul Philmore  (section win)   S19    127-0-0
4th Rob Jones (section win)     M14  123-8-0
5th Sheppy (section win)  S8    116-12-0
Other lake & section winners
Penny's Lake winner  Sean McCarthy  P2  60-4-0
Sect Steve "Marukyu" Shaw P6 50-10-0
Sect Mark Hillier     P15     29-8-0
Sect Dai Crandon    P27     42-4-0
Sect Simon Jones     P34    48-8-0
Sect Adam Jones    M8       93-8-0
Wednesday 27th April
Open - Sophie's
1st Steve Shaw (Marukyu)  S12   193-8-0
2nd Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)   S19   163-12-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S18  158-4-0
4th Dai Evans      S2       135-8-0
5th Mike Yandle (Tredegar)  S6 115-0-0

Wednesday 20th April
Open - Sophie's & Molly's
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)     S19      308-14-0
2nd Rich Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League)  M3    305-8-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) M14 249-8-0
4th Steve Shaw (Marukyu)   M10  245-12-0
5th Alan Davies (Cardiff Nomads)  S2  182-10-0
6th Brian Prothero (Team Codeine) S10  182-0-0

Wednesday 13th April
Open - Sophie's
1st Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle) S14  182-4-0
2nd Rich Hoskins (Daiwa Gordon League) S16  170-4-0
3rd Mike Yandle (Tredegar) S12   141-0-0
4th Lyn Jones      S8       121-6-0
5th Ryan Leddington       S18   108-8-0
6th Tony Summers (Wye Angling)  S2   101-0-0

Wednesday 6th April
Open - Sophie's
1st Mike Yandle (Tredegar)    S19     148-4-0
2nd Tony Summers (Wye Angling)    S6     108-8-0
3rd Howard Green (Green's Fishing Tackle)     S11   101-8-0
4th James Barnett (Risca)    S9     97-4-0
5th Neil Anstice "Tex"  S4   80-6-0
6th Speedy  S14     64-8-0
1ST OVERALL - MIKE YANDLE - 101.10lb - peg 16 Sophie's
2ND (Lake winner) - STEVE SHAW - 91.0lb - peg 4 Molly's
3RD - ANDREW FORD - 76.12lb - peg 19 Sophie's
4TH - SAM HUGHES - 75.4lb - peg 8 Molly's
5TH (Section winner) - LUKE NIXON - 71.12lb - peg 4 Sophie's
6TH (Section winner) - TONY SUMMERS - 59.0lb - peg 13 Molly's

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